Overview TTC Group

With six key segments: Agriculture - Energy - Real Estate - Industrial Real Estate - Hospitality - Education, along with other fields such as warehouse, logistics,... after 40 years of establishment and development, with 05 Corporations more than 120 affiliated units and Thanh Thanh Cong Investment JSC have been gradually setting specific development strategies for each industry and afield of operation, ready for the orientation to become an effective and sustainable multi-sector private corporation under the model of centralized management, decentralized management with the philosophy of "Standardized Governance – Responsible Supervision – Professional Management”.


In parallel with bringing efficiency and value to investors, clients and employees, TTC expects to complete the mission of creating added value for all participants, enhancing Vietnamese brand in the integration process. 


Vietnamese business community is facing many challenges and difficulties. With the most proactive spirit, TTC is really proud and excited to affirm the internal strength, standard and professional management and management capabilities that have helped the Group and its member units be proactive, steadily overcoming difficulties and step by step continuing to consolidate all activities. In particular, in the context of the economy still facing many difficulties ahead as well as significant pressures on competition in the process of deeper and deeper integration with the region and the world... TTC Group has overcome challenges while step by step building and growing up with many efforts, striving to make great changes. The key industries that TTC invests are developing with encouraging results. With TTC's member companies, the companies have created solid foundations for their development and outreach journey. 

With the philosophy of "Business is a Mission rather than Interests", TTC's goal is to become a strong multi-industry private corporation in both scale and quality of operations. TTC's desire is to bring added value to clients and partners, to shareholders, to bring professional values to employees, to bring valuable values to the community and society. 


TTC identifies its core values as: Effective accompaniment with partners with a commitment of development - Meeting the needs with quality and competition; Deep local awareness – Extreme market absorption – With CSR action. TTC sees this as a thorough orientation for the Group to continue self-improvement and towards the goal of sustainable development, maximizing efficiency. The results, along with the goals and expectations ahead, with the creative dynamism to surpass oneself of the leaders and employees, all will be the fire to help TTC continue to strengthen and develop to "Make your dreams come true - turn your efforts into Success".