Refined alcohol - Ethanol

In industrial production, common alcohols come in two forms: Ethanol and Methanol. Both are produced by fermentation and distillation methods. Our alcohol products is Ethanol.

Alcohol Winefood

Winefood ethanol (winefood alcohol) is the highest quality product, produced from molasses by fermentation method.

Alcohol Rice
Rice alcohol is mainly used in food which is produced by fermentation methods. Rice after fermentation into ripe vinegar solution is distilled into alcohol at 96 degrees. 
Industrial Alcohol

Industrial alcohol is Ethanol Alcohol, which is produced from starch (cassava, corn) without completely removing impurities in the manufacturing process.

Alcohol Cosmetic
In cosmetic products, especially perfume, deodorant, room sprays, ... ethanol accounted significantly. Commonly used with 96% refined alcohol or 99.5% absolute alcohol. 
Alcohol Pharmaceutical

Medical alcohol produced by fermenting agricultural products (cassava, corn, ...) and molasses with a level of purity without impurities in compared with industrial alcohol.

Food Alcohol

As Ethanol alcohol has almost zero impurities compared to fusel oil, andehyd, Acid, Este ... which is harmful to human health. Such impurities must not exceed the permitted limit.

Absolute Alcohol 99.5%

During the fermentation process after fermentation of raw materials (cassava, corn, molasses, ..), ethanol completely removed water with content above 99.50%, so called 99.5% absolute alcohol.

Indication - Nature

Ethanol and water create a isotonic mixture, creating a constant boiling mixture, so separating water in the ethanol mixture is very difficult. The separation of water in ethanol to form pure alcohol, absolute ethanol, is not possible by simple distillation.