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Molasses: is a by-product of the sugar industry, the end product of sugar production from which sugar can no longer be economically crystallized by conventional technologies. The main component of molasses is sugar, mainly sucrose with some glucose and fructose. The yield of molasses is about one third of the production of sugar. In other words: for every 100 tons of sugarcane pressed, it will produce 3-4 tons of molasses. Molasses is a by-product of the sugar industry but is a raw material for a number of industries, specifically:

» Raw materials for alcohol production
» Raw materials for production of MSG (main noodles)
» Additives in animal feed production to increase sweetness and coloration
» Raw materials for the production of food yeast
» Using honey as a feed additive in cows
» Additives for the production of waterproofing agents, adhesives, wastewater treatment
» Create color in food